What is

By combining the powerful Biyusen™ complex derived from a Japanese hot spring in Hokkaido with our innovative patented encapsulation technology, we have unlocked a new level of effectiveness: the perfect balance between efficacy and gentleness. Our formulations feature a high concentration of active ingredients paired with a time-release effect, where high levels of active ingredients are released 10x faster and deeper into the skin without causing any discomfort or irritation.

How Does It Work?

Our unique patented technology, Encapsulated BIYUSEN™ restores skin to a healthy state and unlock the true potential of active ingredients by gently delivering them deeper and faster into the skin's layers thanks to these three distinctive functions:

  1. Active ingredients with high levels of concentration are encapsulated into single, tiny molecules, ensuring their freshness and reducing the risk of contradiction often encountered when multiple active ingredients are combined into larger molecules.
  2. These encapsulated active ingredients are nano-sized, smaller than the skin's pore size, guaranteeing optimal penetration into the skin's deeper layers. 
  3. Each encapsulated active ingredient boasts a time-release effect, allowing them to penetrate slowly and deeply into the skin before releasing their valuable nutrients without being over-aggressive.

This powerful synergy of a high concentration of active ingredients and a gentle time-release effect, enables you to personalize your skincare routine and get the best of the effectiveness without any aggressiveness.

Customizable Skincare with Targeted Results

Experience the ultimate in customized skincare solutions that deliver targeted results with the 7 SUPERFRUIT BOOSTER Customized Serums inspired by the art of Japanese layering. Our formulations boast a high concentration of active ingredients, carefully chosen for their potency, and paired with a gentle time-release effect made possible with our patented Encapsulated BIYUSEN™ technology. This unique combination gives the freedom to personalize your own skincare routine ensuring optimal penetration and enhanced efficacy without causing skin sensitization.

Formulated to address various functions, from replenishing hydration to restoring collagen, improving elasticity, diminishing the appearance of pores, dark spots or blemishes, and calming sensitive skin, the seamless benefit of this wondrous synergy allows an enhanced versatility of skincare solutions: 7 serums, 35 combinations, made for your unique skin.


agree skin feels softer, smoother and more supple*

agree skin feels instantly hydrated with a healthy, radiant glow*

agree skin looks firmer, lifted and feels more elastic*

* Based on a 4-week Clinical Trial of 35 subjects aged between 21 - 59.